de Sparta Bakker

The full documentary about Louis Vollering, better known as ‘the Sparta Baker’. The movie tells the story of Louis, a hard working man who owns a little bakery in Schiedam where he works around 80 hours a week. Besides his bakery, he has another passion, the Rotterdam based football club Sparta. Being a passionate fan, he goes to every game and is a legend in the club. He is an eccentric, well known figure and bakes the bread for the players, staff and fans who travel to away games by bus. His bakery has been turned into a small museum and the reason he can keep up with an 80 hour work week is the fact that he integrates his passion with his work. ‘De Sparta Bakker’ is a movie about a man who lives for his work and passion, showing that there are more important aspects in doing your job besides earning money. The movie had his premiere in 2011 at Sparta’s stadium. It has been shown in cinemas and sold on DVD.