Short documentary about Dirk, a retired Geography teacher who had one goal in his life; seeing the world. Dirk travelled to 121 different countries in his lifetime. Not only does he want to see all those countries, he also has an almost obsessive urge to document them. His house has become a small museum full of masks and exotic ornaments. He keeps thousands of photographs and hours of video, foreign money and a detailed map with geographic facts of any country. He has no relationship and family because of all his travelling. Does Dirk actually want to see the world or does he rather complete his obsession?

The Bullhorn

Short film about a wondering man with a passion for cycling. After a long tour on his bike, the man waits for the first and only cyclist that he can cheer for. Shot in a field belonging to a farmer, between Schiedam and Delft. Collaborated with Nick Aberson and Renee van Zundert. The movie was shown during the Cinestud Festival 2010, in Amsterdam.


de Sparta Bakker

The full documentary about Louis Vollering, better known as ‘the Sparta Baker’. The movie tells the story of Louis, a hard working man who owns a little bakery in Schiedam where he works around 80 hours a week. Besides his bakery, he has another passion, the Rotterdam based football club Sparta. Being a passionate fan, he goes to every game and is a legend in the club. He is an eccentric, well known figure and bakes the bread for the players, staff and fans who travel to away games by bus. His bakery has been turned into a small museum and the reason he can keep up with an 80 hour work week is the fact that he integrates his passion with his work. ‘De Sparta Bakker’ is a movie about a man who lives for his work and passion, showing that there are more important aspects in doing your job besides earning money. The movie had his premiere in 2011 at Sparta’s stadium. It has been shown in cinemas and sold on DVD.

Teaser ‘My Message in Your Brain’ Congres

Teaser for the ‘my message in your brain’ congres. This congres about neuromarketing was held in may 2012 at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam. Several speakers from the psychology- and marketingworld gave lectures. For this congres I also made several promotion interviews with the speakers and filmed during the congres. The images I shot were used for the dvd of the 2012 congres, which was distributed later that year.

Bridge The Gap Conference

Video for ‘Bridge the Gap’. At the FMO bank in The Hague, several speakers from the financial world were invited to join in a debate about investing in women’s pays. The video was made for promotional use for ‘VIVE Invest’.


Anke Bodewes Promotion Film

Short promotion film I made for ‘Anke Bodewes’. A real estate company based in Schiedam. The images were shot in their office and around town. Accompanied with a voice over. The film had to transfer the combination of business minded real estate women, combined with an informal laid back approach to customers and work.

Dion and the Magic Chords – Casiotone

Videoclip for the Rotterdam based band ‘Dion and the Magic Chords’. The song is named ‘Casiotone’ and is from the album ‘Curiosa.’ The clip was all shot in a basement near Rotterdam Noord station. These images where combined with material they use during their live performances.


The Brazilian Wax Effect – Pussy

Videoclip I made for the Rotterdam based band ‘The Brazilian Wax Effect’, for their cover of Where did my pussy go. For this cover they won a prize and a budget from the Popunie, based in Rotterdam. The clip was all shot on the same location, a living room of one of the band members.

Trailer Arab Camera Festival

Trailer for the Arab Camera Festival, held in Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam, November 2012. During this festival films from the Arabic world are shown, from shorts to documentaries and feature films. I made the trailer with selections of the programmed films, combined with images from the news and the internet.

DJ Okkie

Short documentary about Okkie Vijfvinkel, better known in Rotterdam as DJ Okkie. DJ Okkie has been making radio and playing music for over 30 years and knows the Rotterdam nightlife as no other. This movie shows what it’s like to be a professional DJ and how Okkie feels about the state of Rotterdam when it comes to clubs and parties. Once Rotterdam was a great city to come to at night but over the years the clubs went bankrupt and no alternatives were presented. This caused the nightlife to slowly bleed out to what it is now. This film was made for the protest site ‘Rotterdam is van ons’, which promotes a better, more sensible policy regarding the clubs and nightlife in Rotterdam.

RVV 2014: ‘Rails door de Regio’

Short film made with archive material produced for the ‘Rotterdamse Verhalen Vierdaagse 2014’. The RVV is an annual event held in Miniworld Rotterdam. The Theme this year was ‘Rails in the region, which is about the history of train- and tramtracks in Rotterdam.